DIY Moving: 5 Essentials

Posted on: 1 February 2016

Moving, with the help of a company like Fort Moving, can be a very big, expensive, job. Although nothing can making moving a truly stressless process, you can make it more manageable by having the right equipment.

Here are 3 things that are sure to make your move more efficient and safe:

Fanny Packed

Moving is an inherently fluid process. When you're on the move, you're likely to misplace simple items that can slow you down. Equipping your moving crew with fanny packs will ensure that they have an accessible, hands-free, and portable location to store things. No moving fanny pack is complete without the following items:

  • Duct Tape - can be used for just about anything—closing boxes, creating quick labels, sealing bags, etc. Clipping the fanny pack's strap through the duct tape's center creates a handy tape dispenser.
  • Permanent Marker - moving is all about last minute labeling and sorting. Stocking a permanent marker in each fanny pack ensures that you can label efficiently.
  • Lifting Straps - can be used to lift heavy items without straining or injuring your crew. These nylon straps are cheap and fit snugly into a fanny pack.
  • Zip Ties - can be used to secure cylindrical objects or bundles of items like curtain rods or power cords. Putting a variety pack of zip ties in each fanny pack is a DIY moving must.

Blankets, Towels, Pillows, and Tarps

One of the biggest drawbacks of DIY moving is the liability you assume in moving your own stuff. If you damage it in the process of packing, moving, transportation, or unloading, you have no one to blame but yourself. Wrapping delicate items in blankets, towels, and tarps can drastically reduce your odds of damaging your stuff during your move. Tarps, in particular, can protect electronic items from potential water damage during the moving process.

Strapped Moving Dolly

Moving your belongings can be exhausting and potentially dangerous. Both for you, your crew, and the possessions you move. Renting a moving dolly with a strap can reduce your the odds of injury and damage. Specifically, during loading and unloading. Moving straps allow you to secure heavy items like washer, dryers, and desks without the fear of shifting or sliding.

Moving is one of the most stressful and expensive things you can do. Fortunately, with a few simple items on hand, you can make the process safer and easier.