Moving Made Easy: 4 Helpful Tips For Managing Your Move

Posted on: 12 January 2016

There's no question about it: moving is difficult. Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of moving is packing. Without proper care and organization, random items are tossed at will into various boxes. This type of packing is wrong, but all too common—and it can make unpacking a nightmare.

So how can you pack without losing or misplacing anything? Here are four organizational packing tips for every move:

1. Focus On One Room

It might sound easy, but this important tip is often overlooked. Instead of randomly packing up items from various rooms, focus on one room at a time. Take your time and pack everything from one room up at a time. Start with items that are used less frequently and finish with items that are more important. This will ensure that when you unpack, you'll have everything from a single room grouped together.

If you want to be extra organized, keep a notebook handy. When you place items into a box, write them down on the paper. When the box is full, tear the paper out of the notebook and place it on top of the items inside the box. That way you'll know exactly what is inside each box when you unpack.

2. Keep Electronics Together

One of the hardest aspects of packing is keeping all the electronics together. It is very easy to misplace batteries, charging cords, or accessories for your electronics. To make it easy, keep everything together. Place all accessories, batteries, and cords for each electronic item into a bag. Label the bag, so that you know which electronic it goes to, and toss it into a box.

For an even easier method, tape the bag of cords to the electronic device it goes to. That way, both the cords and the electronic item are already together.

3. Snap a Photo

Another handy organizational tip is to snap a few photos of the boxes. You can use your smartphone or an actual digital camera, whichever is easier for you. When you are done packing, take a photo of each bag and box. Keep these photos handy, so that when you arrive at your new home you know exactly how many items you should have.

4. Label Everything

Finally, make sure you label everything. Every box should be labeled with what room it belongs to. For additional organization, tape an item list to the outside or inside of the box. You should also take the time to label boxes that are delicate or fragile. Finally, consider labeling which side of the box goes up. This will help the movers better organize the moving truck. It will also ensure that nothing winds up broken upon arrival.  

Moving might be hectic, but it doesn't have to be messy. With these handy tips and the help of some reliable movers, you'll ensure that you get to your destination will all of your items.

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