Climate Controlled Storage Units: 3 Things To Consider

Posted on: 10 November 2015

If you are downsizing, have inherited belongings from a deceased loved one, or have just accumulated more stuff than your house can comfortably hold, renting a self-storage unit may be the best choice for you. But depending on what types of things you are storing, it may be worth the extra cost to rent a storage unit that is climate controlled. Consider the following when deciding on a traditional or climate controlled storage:

The Climate

If you live in an area with a moderate climate year round, climate controlled storage may not be necessary. But if you're storing your items in an area that has extremely cold winters, unusually hot summers, or very high levels of humidity, climate control can be very beneficial. Climate controlled storage units are typically located inside buildings, so the air is kept at a constant temperature and you don't have to worry about as many pests as traditional storage units that typically have rolling doors leading to the outdoors. If you live in an extremely humid place, inquire to see if the storage facility manages humidity inside climate controlled units through the use of dehumidifiers.

What You Are Storing

What you plan to store in your storage unit can determine whether or not you need a climate controlled unit. In general, extreme heat, cold, or humidity can damage wood and leather furniture, antiques, original art pieces, electronics, photographs, paper documents, and CDs/DVDs. You may also want to consider paying extra for a climate controlled unit if you are storing things that are highly sentimental or can't be replaced. The last thing you want to do is take a chance when storing things that are very important to you. 

How Long You Will Keep Belongings in the Unit

If you are planning to keep your items in storage for a short period of time during a temperate time of year, a traditional storage unit should suffice. But if you do not know if you may need a storage unit for several months or more than a year, a climate controlled unit may be the better choice to ensure that none of your belongings are damaged due to changes in the weather. It is much easier to start out with a climate controlled unit than it is to have to move your belongings from one unit to another if you realize that you will need your storage unit for longer than you thought.