4 Ways Children Can Upcycle Food Boxes & Containers For Moving

Posted on: 6 November 2015

Moving the family is stressful enough as it is, but bored children can add a lot of delays to the process. One of the best ways to keep children busy is by involving them in the move. As you pack up a moving truck, children can focus on their own packing and learn how to upcycle at the same time. Instead of purchasing new boxes for your children to use, there are four ways children can use food boxes and containers found in your home. Each process is easy and will help the kids stay organized during a move.

Pizza Boxes

Leftover pizza boxes provide a great packing option for children. The box is thin and can easily get tucked into a moving truck. The height and size of these boxes are ideal for packing small toy cars like Hot Wheels and Matchbox. The cars fit evenly into the box and a lot can fit into a single large pizza. Before packing, the cardboard pizza disc should be removed from the box. This disc typically soaks up grease from when the pizza was first cooked.

Take-Out Containers

Styrofoam and plastic take-out containers are made to close well so that food and dessert does not leak from the inside. This also makes the packaging ideal for children's art and craft supplies. Pencils, pens, crayons, markers, and other supplies can be packed directly into these containers. It makes it easy to store in a moving truck and all the items will be located in one place.

Containers with separators make it easier for children to sort and pack crafting beads and other supplies. Use a little dish soap to carefully clean out the container before using it as a packing tool. Once you arrive at a new location, the child may even keep the container for additional packing supplies.

Cereal Boxes

Thick and large cereal boxes are durable and one side is already closed off, making it easy to pack. For children, these boxes are ideal for magazine and comic collections. The thin publications can easily slide into the boxes and provide a safe place to make the moving journey. Bigger boxes can also hold items like video game and Blu-ray cases.

Bulk Food Boxes

While shopping for bulk food items, they will often come in large boxes that were delivered by the manufacturer. These open top boxes can act as a mini toy box for your child's action figures, dolls, and toy sets. When a child arrives at a new home, they can quickly access the comfort of their toys by finding the box. It will be easy to unpack or access if the toys are needed anytime during the move.

As the child packs, explain the importance of recycling. Once they are fully unpacked, you can help them properly place all the boxes in a recycling bin.

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