Tips On Limiting Moisture In Your Storage Unit

Posted on: 24 September 2015

Moisture damage is often a major concern for anyone storing their belongings in a storage unit (like those at Queensborough Mini Storage public storage), especially during a hot, humid summer. Excessive dampness in your unit can promote mold and pest infestation, speed up rotting on wooden and leather items and even cause rusting on metal items, so reducing moisture accumulation is an imperative step to keeping your prized possessions safe.

Before storing them, it would help to pack all your items in storage boxes or wrap them in protective plastic layers so as to limit moisture damage. Here are other useful tips on how to keep moisture levels down in your storage unit this summer.

Invest in a vapor barrier and dehumidifier

Excess humidity in the air causes condensation on cool surfaces such as the storage unit walls and floor, leading to dampness that can damage your belongings. A good way to keep warm, humid air out of your unit is to invest in a vapor barrier, which is typically a thin, flexible polyethylene plastic layer that is used to damp-proof storage spaces. Such a barrier can be installed along the walls and floor of your unit to block out outdoor moisture and keep the space dry.

When electricity is available in your storage space, you may also control moisture levels by installing a dehumidifier that sucks out moisture from the unit. Be sure to empty the water tank on your dehumidifier on a regular basis or attach it to a floor drain to prevent any flooding.

Passive moisture-absorbing methods

Homemade desiccant packs made out of fabric pouches filled with silica gel crystals can be great at absorbing moisture in your storage unit. You can scatter several desiccant packs on the floor of the unit to prevent ground moisture from seeping inside, and later dry the crystals in an open area to regenerate them.

Alternatively, you can use charcoal briquettes as an effective and economical way of damp-proofing your unit and eliminating musty odors. For maximum impact, place your charcoal briquettes inside a bucket lined with plastic to prevent charcoal stains on your items, and replace the moisture absorbents after every few weeks so as to keep the unit fresh and dry. Charcoal should excellently absorb moisture in the unit and prevents the growth of mold and mildew.

Use climate-controlled storage

If you are storing your belongings in a hot, humid environment, it would be worth the cost to rent a climate-controlled unit. This would be especially beneficial if you are storing items that are highly valuable and susceptible to moisture damage, including antiques, electronics, vintage clothing and furs.