5 Items Found in the House to Repurpose for Home and Self-Storage Purposes

Posted on: 11 September 2015

If you are tired of dealing with the clutter in your home or you need to store some of your items in a self-storage unit, here are five household items that can be recycled to use for home storage or self-storage purposes:

1. Toilet Paper and Paper Towel Rolls

When you try to store electronics with long cables and cords, they can often get tangled up and get out of control. It's truly frustrating. However, these cables and cords can be taken care of in an organized fashion by using your old toilet paper or paper towel rolls. Wind up the cable and cords individually around the rolls and then store them neatly into a box.

2. Rake

For women, one of the worst things in the world can be trying to untangle a necklace from a clump of other necklaces. This is especially true when you end up breaking the chain during the process. To avoid having to deal with this, consider using a garden rake to store your necklaces. The teeth on the rake will keep the necklaces from getting tangled together. You can paint the metal portion of the rake for wall décor or you can simply use it to safely store your jewelry in self-storage.

3. Dish Drainer

If you've recently had a dishwasher installed, you may have considered throwing away your dish drainer. However, this piece of plastic can come in handy in the office or in storage for various types of paperwork, folders, and even pens and pencils.

4. CD Tower

You probably don't have much use for your CD tower since most of your music files are digital now. Luckily, there is a way to put it to good use. You can use it to store your plastic Tupperware lids. The lids are hard to keep track of in the cabinets and they tend to fall out every time you open a door. By storing them in the CD tower like you did with your CDs, you won't have to worry about them ever again. This works great in the kitchen or in self-storage.

5. Baby Crib Side Rail

Tired of looking at magazines all over your living room coffee table, your bedroom nightstand, and everywhere in between? Consider using one of the side rails for an old baby crib. It can easily be used as a magazine rack to keep your magazines in good shape until they're needed. Simply open the magazines and drape them over the rungs so that the covers are visible.

These aforementioned household items are perfect for making home storage and storage in a self-storage unit a breeze. If you've run out of room in your house to store items, find storage units in your area for rates.