Five Tips To Guarantee A Smooth Move Across The Country With Cats

Posted on: 3 August 2015

Most people have a fine time with adjusting to a new home, but this cannot always be said for pets. While dogs are fairly adaptable, cats can have a tough time moving to a new place, so you must put in additional effort to make sure they have a comfortable move, which will naturally improve your move as well.

Following the tips below will give you the tools you need to accomplish this goal.

Make Blankets Smell Like Home

Whether you are using moving companies, driving a moving truck, or starting over and only taking a few possessions with you in your vehicle, you need to give familiar smells to your cats. Toys and cat furniture may fit into this category, but it is blankets that are easiest to bring along and have the greatest impact.

If your cats do not have any blankets, you should consider buying one for each cat before the move. In between the time of purchase and the move, your top priority should be to get the blankets to smell familiar to them, which includes their own scent, your scent, and the home as a whole.

Bring the Carriers Out Early

Most cats do not like to be in a carrier, but it is the safest way to transport your cats from one place to another. Although they may not like having exposed carriers, bringing them out early will help them get used to having carriers around, which can make it easier to get them inside once you are ready to move.

Use De-Stressing Gel

Cats can become anxious for a variety of reasons, and moving is almost always stressful for them. While you should do your best to make them as comfortable as possible, you should also use calming methods such as de-stressing gel, which you can apply to their paws and have them lick off. Although you can use treats or medicine as an alternative, they are usually not as reliable since your cats may not be willing to take them when they are in the middle of a stressful move, but they will certainly keep their paws clean.

Keep Them in One Room

Once you arrive at your new home, you do not want to give them free reign around the home. Oftentimes, this sudden exposure can cause them to stick to the corners of each room and hide if at all possible. When you put them in one room, you make their adjustment period more manageable.

Prepare the Room Beforehand

After designating which room to put them in, you want to make it as familiar to them as you can. If you can bring toys and furniture from your old home that have a recognizable scent, you should. If you can make the new home smell like your past home, you will enjoy a fast adjustment period.

Moving with cats does not have to be as stressful as it might seem. Taking numerous steps, starting from before you move, will help you and your cats have a positive moving experience.