Optimize Your Moving Truck Space: Do Not Move These Items While Empty

Posted on: 7 April 2015

When moving, it pays to optimize your use of space. Namely, in most cases, you pay less money for smaller trucks, and that means that the more densely you can pack, the better. To that end, you want to fill up every nook and cranny possible.

To help you optimize the space on your moving truck, here are four types of items you should not move empty:

1. Dressers

As you pack, you will need to pack the clothing from your closet in boxes, but you do not need to pack the clothing from your dresser drawers. In fact, if you want to optimize space, you should leave as much clothing in your dresser drawers as possible, and if you have extra space in your drawers, you should pack a few extra items in there as well.

On moving day, take the drawers out of the dresser, move the now lighter dresser to the moving truck, and finally, take the boxes one at a time and put them in the dresser on the moving truck.

2. Laundry baskets, plastic storage bins and other containers

Just as you effectively use your dresser drawers as boxes, you should also use any other containers you have. Do not load empty laundry baskets, toy boxes or other items onto your moving truck. Instead, fill these containers with whatever fits best into them.

3. Appliances

If you are moving a washer and dryer, these appliances can be used to hold lightweight but bulky items such as sleeping bags, comforters or sheets. If you do not want to fill these appliances, at least use their cavities to hold their associated hoses. If you have any hardware affiliated with these appliances, put the hardware in a large, sealed plastic bag and stick that in the washer or dryer.

Similarly, if you are moving a fridge, an oven or another other appliances, you can also fill those appliances with clothing, blankets or other lightweight items.

4. Table, chair and desk cavities

You cannot pack items in your table, chair and desk cavities, but you should utilize these spaces as you pack the moving truck. After putting in your furniture, make sure that you fill those empty cavities with boxes or other smaller items. That packing strategy optimizes the space on your truck, but it also helps to hold your furniture in place and prevent it from jostling and getting damaged on the road.

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